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A Langmuir-Hinshelwood approach to the kinetic modelling of catalytic ammonia decomposition in an integral reactor (2013)
Armenise, S.; Garcia-Bordeje, E.; Valverde, J. L.; Romeo, E and Monzón A.
Physical Chemistry Chemical Physics,15 (29), pp: 12104-12117; DOI: 10.1039/c3cp50715g(2013)

Accelerating the controlled synthesis of MOFs by a microfluidic approach: a nanoliter continuous reactor (2013)
Paseta L., Seoane B., Julve D., Sebastián V., Téllez C., Coronas J.
ACS Applied Materials & Interfaces ,5, (2013) 9405-9410

Atomic resolution analysis of microporous titanosilicate ETS-10 through aberration corrected STEM imaging (2013)
Mayoral A., Casado C., Téllez C., Coronas J.
ChemCatChem, ,5, (2013) 2595-2598

Catalysts for the production of styrene from ethylbenzene: redox and deactivation study (2013)
Irún, O., Sadosche, S.-A., Lasobras, J., Soler, J., Francés, E., Herguido, J., Menéndez, M.
Catal. Today, 203,(2013) 53-59

Cogasification gas catalytic upgrading with a two zone fluidized bed reactor (2013)
García, G., Campos, E., Fonts, I., Sánchez, J.L., Herguido, J.
Energy Fuels, 27(5), (2013) 2835-2845

Combination of ordered mesoporous silica MCM-41 and layered titanosilicate JDF-L1 fillers for 6FDA-based copolyimide mixed matrix membranes (2013)
Galve A., Sieffert D., Ferrando M., Güell C., Staudt C., Téllez C., Coronas J.
Journal of Membrane Science ,431, (2013) 163-170

Combined production and purification of hydrogen from methanol using steam iron process in fixed bed reactor (2013)
Campo, R., Durán, P., Plou, J., Herguido, J., Peña, J.A.
J. Power Sources, 242, (2013) 520-526

Conversion of glucose to lactic acid derivatives with mesoporous Sn-MCM-41 and microporous titanosilicates (2013)
Murillo B., Sánchez A., Sebastián V., Casado C., de la Iglesia O., López-Ram-de-Viu P., Téllez C., Coronas J.
Journal of Chemical Technology & Biotechnology (2013) DOI: 10.1002/jctb.4210

Crystallization in THF: the possibility of one-pot synthesis of mixed matrix membranes containing MOF MIL-68(Al) (2013)
Seoane B., Sebastián V., Téllez C., Coronas J.
CrystEngComm (2013) DOI: 10.1039/C3CE40847G

Desulfurization and Catalytic Gas Cleaning in Fluidized-Bed Co-gasification of Sewage Sludge-Coal Blends (2013)
García Saiz, G.; Monzón Bescós, A.; Bimbela Serrano F.; Sánchez Cebrián J.L.; Ábrego Garúes, J.
Energy Fuels,27-5, (2013) 2846-2856

flux thin film nanocomposite membranes based on MOFs for organic solvent nanofiltration (2013)
Sorribas S., Gorgojo P., Téllez C., Coronas J., G. Livingston. A.
Journal of the American Chemistry Society ,135, (2013) 15201-15208

Melt compounding of swollen titanosilicate JDF-L1 with polysulfone to obtain mixed matrix membranes for H2/CH4 separation (2013)
Castarlenas S., Gorgojo P., Casado-Coterillo C., Maheshwari S., Tsapatsis M., Tellez C., Coronas J.
Industrial Engineering Chemistry Research ,52,(2013) 1901-1907

Metal organic framework based mixed matrix membranes: an increasingly important field of research with a large application potential (2013)
Zornoza B., Tellez C., Coronas J., Gascon J., Kapteijn F.
Microporous and Mesoporous Materials ,166, (2013) 67-78.

Mixed matrix membranes for gas separation by combination of silica MCM-41 and MOF NH2-MIL-53(Al) in glassy polymers (2013)
Valero M., Zornoza B., Téllez C., Coronas J.
Microporous and Mesoporous Materials (2013) DOI: 10.1016/j.micromeso.2013.09.018

Modeling of an HTPEM-based micro-combined heat and power fuel cell system with methanol (2013)
Romero-Pascual E., Soler J.
Int. J. Hydrogen Energy (2013), DOI:10.1016/j.ijhydene.2013.07.015

Modelling of experimental vanillin hydrodeoxigenation reactions in water/oil emulsions effects of mass transport (2013)
Jimaré Benito, Mª.T.; Cazaña Pérez F.; Ramírez,A.; Royo Pascual, C.; Romeo Salazar, E.; Faria, J.;. Resasco, D; Monzón Bescós, A.
Catal. Today,.210, (2013) 89-97

Nanoarchitectures based on layered titanosilicates supported on glass-fibers: application to hydrogen storage (2013)
Perez-Carvajal J., Aranda P., Berenguer-Murcia A., Cazorla-Amoros D.,Coronas J.,Ruiz-Hitzky E..
Langmuir, 29, (2013) 7449-7455

NH2-MIL-53(Al) and NH2-MIL-101(Al) in sulfur-containing copolyimide mixed matrix membranes for gas separation (2013)
Seoane B., Téllez C., Coronas J., Staudt C.
Separation and Purification Technology ,111, (2013) 72-81

One-step encapsulation of caffeine in SBA-15 type and non-ordered silicas (2013)
Liébana N., Marín E., Téllez C., Coronas J.
Chemical Engineering Journal ,223, (2013) 714-721

Particle mixing in a Two-Section Two-Zone Fluidized Bed Reactor (TS-TZFBR). Experimental technique and CCBM model validation (2013)
Julián, I., Herguido J., Menéndez M.
Ind. Eng. Chem. Res., in press (accepted 29/08/2013). (2013) ie-2013-01334x

Pd-Ag membrane coupled to a Two-Zone Fluidized Bed Reactor (TZFBR) for propane dehydrogenation on a Pt-Sn/MgAl2O4 catalyst (2013)
Medrano, J.A., Julián, J., Herguido, J., Menéndez, M.
Membranes, 3(2), (2013) 69-86. (Special Issue "Intensified Production Processes Based on Membranes”)

Probing the Relationship between Silicalite-1 Defects and Polyol Adsorption Properties (2013)
Mallon E. E., Jeon M. Y., Navarro M., Bhan A., Tsapatsis M
Langmuir, 29 (22), (2013) pp 6546–655

Solution–Processable Exfoliated Zeolite Nanosheets Purified by Density Gradient Centrifugation (2013)
Agrawal K. V.,Topuz B., Navarro M.,Jiang Z., Nguenkam K.,Elyassi B., Francis L. F., Tsapatsis M.
AIChE Journal, 59 (9), (2013) 3458-3467

Solution–Processable Exfoliated Zeolite Nanosheets Purified by Density Gradient Centrifugation (2013)
Agrawal, K. V.; Topuz, B.; Navarro, M. ; Jiang, Z. ; Nguenkam, K. ; Francis, L. F. ; Tsapatsis M.
6th International Zeolite Membrane Meeting, Book of Abstracts, pp 66. ,(2013)

Stable hydrogen production by Methane Steam Reforming in a Two Zone Fluidized Bed Reactor: Effect of the operating variables (2013)
Pérez-Moreno, L., Soler, J., Herguido, J., Menéndez, M.
Int. J. Hydrogen Energy, 38, (2013) 7830-7838

Stable hydrogen production by Methane Steam Reforming in a Two Zone Fluidized Bed Reactor: Experimental assessment (2013)
Pérez-Moreno, L., Soler, J., Herguido, J., Menéndez, M.
J. Power Sources, 243, (2013) 233-241

Synthetic layered Silicates as Filler Additives: Synergies in Tire Tread Compounds (2013)
Meier J. G., Julve D., Martínez M., Coronas J., Menéndez M., Ramos J., Pérez J.
Kautschuk Gummi Kunststoffe, October (2013) in press

Two-Zone Fluidized Bed Reactor (TZFBR) as a Potential Tool for Process Intensification in Catalytic Reactions (2013)
Menéndez, M., Herguido, J., Julián, I.
in "The 14th International Conference on Fluidization – From Fundamentals to Products", Eds, ECI Symposium Series, Volume (2013).

Two-Zone Fluidized Bed Reactor (TZFBR) with palladium membrane for catalytic propane dehydrogenation: experimental performance assessment (2013)
Medrano, J.A., Julián, I., García-García, F., Li, K., Herguido, J., Menéndez, M.
Ind. Eng. Chem. Res., 52 (2013) 3723-3731

Visualizing MOF Mixed Matrix Membranes at the Nanoscale: Towards Structure-Performance Relationships in CO2/CH4 Separation Over NH2-MIL-53(Al)@PI (2013)
Rodenas T., van Dalen M., García-Pérez E., Serra-Crespo P., Zornoza B., Kapteijn F., Gascon J.
Advanced Functional Materials (DOI:10.1002/adfm.201203462) (2013)

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